QBasic games

Early versions of Windows used to come with a programming language called QBasic which was another variation on good old BASIC. Back in 1995 when I first tried programming on a PC I used this language to come up with these 3 games: Breakout, Virtual Cycles and Virtual Worm. The games are compiled and don’t need any installation, just unzip the file into a directory and run the .exe file.


This is my version of the classic Break Out game, where the aim is to knock out all of the blocks in the wall. It features 25 levels, a high score table (try and beat my sister’s score!) and the option to adjust the speed of the ball.

Virtual Cycles

This is a version of the old Tron game, allowing 2 – 4 players to participate. Options include different arenas, the ability to redefine practically everything, and load/save game facilities. Thanks must go to Steven James for writing the first 2 player version of Virtual Cycles, which is the basis for this game.

Virtual Worm

Virtual Worm is my attempt at the old Worm game, where the aim is to collect random numbers to make the worm’s tail grow longer. This version features a high score table, levels, and lets you redefine the keys. Note: I’m afraid that running this game on anything much faster than a 486 will probably make it too fast to play.

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